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Q: What is ROP?
A: ROP (Regional Occupational Program) provides career technical training to meet labor market need in five program areas: Business, Health Care, Information Technology, Service and Trade & Industrial Technology.
Q: What are the requirements?
A: ROP offers classes to high school students and adults. San Mateo County residents receive enrollment priority. A few classes have specific age and criminal clearance requirements. Please see class descriptions by visiting our website at for requirement information.
Q: How do I enroll?
A: Enroll in person during reservation period, walk-in, or open enrollment. Out-of-county residents must use the late reservation period, walk-in enrollment or open enrollment registration. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.
Q: Where are the classes located?
A: ROP classes are offered throughout San Mateo County in Daly City, San Bruno, Millbrae, Burlingame, San Mateo and Redwood City.
Q: Is there public transit available to the classrooms and main ROP office?
A: Most of our locations are accessible by public transit. Call the San Mateo County Transit District hotline at (800) 660-4287 for routes and schedules.
Q: When does school start?
A: The Fall Semester begins late August, and the Spring Semester begins early January.
Q: Is space available?
A: To determine space availability visit our website at or attend the first day of class.
Q: What is the total cost (i.e. fees, books, etc.)?
A: ROP courses are tuition-free. High school students pay no fee. Adults pay an $80 registration fee per class per semester. Enrollment fees may be waived with documented financial hardship. Many classes require the purchase of a textbook(s) and some courses have additional equipment costs (i.e. diskettes). This information is provided on the first day of class.
Q: How do I pay for class?
A: We accept check and money order payable to County Schools Service Fund. Cash is accepted during the reservation period only.
Q: Do you have to be a CNA to take a Health class?
A: No, you do not have to be a CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) to take a Health class. However, some health classes offer CEUs for CNAs.
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